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You agree not to alter these terms in any way, even if they are included in a purchase order. They apply to all sales and are considered to be incorporated into all contracts for the sale of products and services. We reserve the right to change these terms of trade by periodically updating the terms posted on our website. When you do business with us or buy our products and services, you are indicating that you accept these terms.


Every price listed is in Australian dollars and can change at any time.

Implied Warranties/Conditions

Except as required by law, which cannot be excluded, all implicit terms, conditions, and guarantees are now expressly disclaimed. The following is the extent of our liability, to the extent allowed by law, for any implied terms, conditions, and guarantees, including those implied by law that cannot be excluded:


We disclaim all liability for advice provided by our agents or employees regarding the fitness of goods or materials we supplied for any purpose, subject to the above express and implied warranty provisions. You assume all risk in relying on such advice. Our agents or staff staff kept the same to expand our trading terms.

Third-Party Data

Some of the material or information accessed or contained in an item may contain third-party data (such as motor vehicle data, which includes services for matching registration places and vehicle identification numbers (VINs), among other data and information supplied by third-party data providers). You may only use this information internally and for the purposes for which it was provided (e.g., vehicle identification for product purchases). The following additional terms apply to the use of data by third parties:


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