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For over 10 years, Impel Auto Parts Sydney has been the go-to crew for all types of electric car parts. We are not just another online auto parts store. We are passionate Sydney wreckers giving old cars a new life by bringing you the best quality, recycled parts at unbeatable prices.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a trusted mechanic, or just looking to save some cash on your next repair, we are here for you. Order parts online, grab them at our Sydney store or sell us your car for recycling. We even offer free car removal and proper disposal of unwanted cars. 
Join our Impel family and get your car back on the road by contacting us today!

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Finding your perfect car part in Sydney is quite easy and quick with our 3 steps.

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Looking for auto parts Sydney? Simply fill out our quote form with your car details—make, model, and year—and let us do the rest!


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Pick and Click

Found the perfect fit? Click that “contact us” button and relax. We’ll show you complete part details and even suggest similar matches, just in case.

Order the Part

Choose your delivery option: quick shipping straight to your door or convenient store pickup. Order the car part, and we’ll handle everything from secure checkout to speedy delivery.

We have the lowest price for used car parts Sydney market, and the process is simple, fast, and friendly. So, why wait any longer? Get your desired car brakes in Sydney now!

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Why Choose Car Parts Recyclers in Sydney

Lowest Prices in Sydney

Save big on the cleaned, tried and tested recycled parts. We compare prices across Sydney to bring you the absolute best deals. Put more cash in your pocket, more smiles on your miles.

Warranty on Used Parts

We stand behind our parts' quality. All used parts come with a 6 or 12 month warranty and comply with NSW Fair Trading guidelines. Drive with complete confidence and zero stress.

Online Ordering and
Same Day Delivery

Skip the scrapyard hassle. Find your required part in minutes on our user friendly website. Order before 11 am, and we will make sure to deliver your part on the same day.

Friendly Customer
Care Team

Got any questions? Our team of spare car part experts is always here to help. Need any advice for finding the perfect part? We are just a click away, ready to guide you all about it.

Eco Conscious Auto

Choosing us as your auto dismantler Sydney means going green. We help you with old cars by providing spare auto parts at low prices and keeping streets clean from junk in landfills.

We Have Parts for All Car Makes

Impel Auto Parts is the fastest-growing company in the Sydney area. We wreck all makes and models, so we have used, reconditioned, and second-hand car parts available for any type of vehicle.

We Have Parts for All Car Makes
Our Best Selling Car Parts Range

Our Best Selling Car
Parts Range

Here are the most commonly ordered car parts from us:

You can find car parts for European, Korean, Australian, Japanese, and Chinese vehicles. Just reach out to us today!

Our Best Selling Car
Parts Range

We make sure that we have all types of components in our online auto parts store Sydney so you can easily find them. Here are the most commonly ordered car parts from car wreckers Sydney:

Car Axles

Car axles are the core that connects the wheels to your car's differential. Need to buy car axles Sydney? Contact us today for axles compatible with your car's make, model, and driving style.

Second Hand Doors

Second hand doors Sydney are a budget-friendly way to repair cars. Look for trusted suppliers specialising in parts. Ours is not just a Toyota spare parts online store but also provides parts for all other brands.

Car Brakes

For dependable car brakes, prioritise trusted suppliers offering quality car brakes Sydney. Buy brake pads, brake rotors, brake callipers, brake lines, brake fluid, and ABS sensors from us at affordable prices.

Car Radiators

Car radiators keep your engine cool. If yours needs replacing, find a reliable supplier offering car radiators Sydney. We offer the best radiators with extended warranties for peace of mind.

Car Electrical Supplies

Want your car's electrics to run smoothly? Find auto electrical supplies in Sydney. We offer high-quality electrical parts for your car for safe repairs.

Car Suspension

Worn-out suspension impacts your car's handling and safety. We are your reliable car suspension suppliers in Sydney, offering parts for various vehicles for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Car Engines

Bring your car's performance back to ideal with our premium quality engines in Sydney. We are your trusted suppliers, offering a range of engines to meet your needs.

Car Transmission & Drivetrain

Facing transmission issues? We offer car transmission parts in Sydney, like clutch kits, drive shafts, gearboxes, differentials, CV joints, and transmission fluids. We are the best place to buy auto parts online.

Car Fuel System

Keep your car’s fuel components like fuel pumps, fuel tanks, fuel filters, and fuel injectors running smoothly. We are your trusted suppliers to buy fuel system in Sydney.

Other Parts

We also sell other authentic car parts, such as:

You can find car parts for European, Korean, Australian, Japanese, and Chinese vehicles. Just reach out to us today!

Enjoy Affordable Parts & Top Quality with Impel Auto Parts

When you choose Impel Auto Parts, you do not just save money but invest in high-quality, reliable parts without the heavy price tag of new components. Here’s how much you can save when you buy car parts online: 

Our Cost Comparison from Last Year: New vs. Second-Hand Parts

Auto Part New Part Price Impel Parts Price Savings
Engine Control Module (ECM) $1,200 $450 $750 (62% savings)
Transmission $2,500 $1,100 $1,400 (56% savings)
Alternator $300 $120 $180 (60% savings)
Headlight Assembly $250 $90 $160 (64% savings)
Catalytic Converter $1,000 $400 $600 (60% savings)

By choosing second-hand parts, you can save an average of 60% compared to buying new ones. These savings can quickly add up, making it possible to maintain and repair your vehicle affordably without losing quality or performance.

Our Quality Assurance Process for Auto Parts

Quality is our top priority. Every part goes through a rigorous testing and refurbishment process, so it meets our highest standards.


Each part is thoroughly inspected for any signs of wear, damage, or defects.


Functional tests are conducted to check if the part operates as intended.


Parts are cleaned, repaired, and restored to optimal condition.


Only parts that pass our strict quality checks are certified for sale.

We stand by the reliability and performance of our parts, offering warranties and guarantees to give you peace of mind. Trust Impel Auto Parts for affordable, high-quality solutions that keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Read Our Real Life Success Stories

John L.

John needed rare parts for his 1967 Ford Mustang restoration. We supplied hard to find components, including a vintage alternator and authentic brake pads for his vehicle. The Mustang was restored to its former look and proper working condition, which showcases our commitment to providing parts for even the most unique projects.

Alice Johnson

Alice was on a mission to restore her 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air and struggled to find original parts. We provided her with an authentic steering wheel and a set of classic tail lights. Her Bel Air now shines with its original splendor, highlighting our dedication to helping enthusiasts bring their vintage cars back to life.

Mark Thompson

Mark had been searching everywhere for specific parts to complete his 1972 VW Beetle. We came through with a rare carburetor and the exact dashboard he needed. Thanks to our efforts, Mark’s Beetle is now running smoothly and looks just as it did decades ago, proving our commitment to preserving automotive history.

David Wilson

David Wilson’s 1969 Dodge Charger was a diamond in the rough until he found us. We supplied a set of original rims and a hard-to-find exhaust system, transforming his vehicle into a showstopper. His Charger not only runs like a dream but also stands as a testament to our ability to assist with even the most challenging restoration projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best online auto parts store depends on your specific needs. You can consider your car’s make and model, part availability, and shipping costs. Imperial Auto Parts offers a wide selection of car parts at affordable prices in Sydney.

We offer a wide range of spare parts for various applications, including automobiles (new & used) and potentially more. Let us know what you need, and our expert team will help you find the right part.

At Imperial Auto Parts, we prioritise fast delivery. Usually, orders placed before 11 am can expect same-day dispatch, with parts arriving within 24 hours. However, delivery times may vary depending on your location. Contact us for a more accurate estimate.

Yes. There are many reputable car parts recyclers in Sydney who specialise in used parts. Look for companies that prioritise quality control, offer warranties on car parts, and have a good reputation for customer service. 

Yes. There are many reputable car parts recyclers in Sydney who specialise in used parts. Look for companies that prioritise quality control, offer warranties on car parts, and have a good reputation for customer service.

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